Immigration is my life. I love helping families stay together and take special joy in seeing families reunited and at peace because their legal status has changed. I come from a family of immigrants and have seen the chase for the American Dream firsthand. It isn’t easy migrating to a new country and I commend you on making that perilous and uncertain journey. I firmly believe nobody should live in the shadows of this great country. You deserve to shine brightly and to fulfill your dreams in America and I want to help you in that pursuit.

My story with asylum began even before I was born, when my maternal grandfather was assassinated for his religion in Pakistan. My young widowed grandmother had to pack up her 6 children as they fled for their lives. They struggled for years to recover from the emotional and financial trauma his death caused them. To this day, I have family members fleeing to escape the harsh laws of Pakistan. So, when I work with any immigrant asylum client, I remember the strength and stoicism of my grandmother. I am fluent in several languages including Spanish, Pashto, and Urdu. We have interpreters available for other languages as well. At Qazi Law Offices, we handle your case from start to finish so you don’t have to do anything. We love what we do and can’t wait to serve you.

Although it may seem like the opposite field of immigration, I also have an estate planning background where I learned and admired the practice for the protection it offers to families. I know that no family can feel fully secure without getting their finances and personal papers in order. I love seeing my clients breathe a sigh of relief when we complete their estate planning package and they know they have done everything to protect their families in case of a tragedy. Our packages are comprehensive, personalized and streamlined. 

My Awards

I am humbled to be awarded the prestigious Excellence in Public Service Award by the YWCA. This award is given to people who make a tireless effort to bring communities together and to serve the needy and voiceless. My work, on behalf of immigrants and especially women and children, was recognized in a luncheon in which I won the coveted award. 

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