5 Common Ways to Obtain a Travel Permit: Unlock Your Freedom Today!

Do you dream of visiting your family even while you don’t have legal status? Did you know you can apply for a travel permit so you can leave and enter without any issues?  Here are some common scenarios and ways to apply:

  1. Advance Parole for DACA Recipients:

Individuals who have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status may apply for advance parole if they have a specific reason for traveling abroad, such as educational, employment, or humanitarian purposes.

  1. VAWA (Violence Against Women Act):

Individuals who qualify for VAWA can also mean that their applications can obtain a travel permit and so they can visit their families abroad while their cases are still pending!

  1. Humanitarian Parole:

This option is for those who are outside the country but would like to visit family inside the USA. In cases of emergency or compelling humanitarian reasons, individuals who are otherwise inadmissible to the United States may apply for humanitarian parole. This allows them to enter the U.S. temporarily. The application process involves submitting Form I-131 and supporting documentation to USCIS or the appropriate U.S. consulate or embassy.

  1. Refugee Travel Documents:

Refugees and asylees may apply for a Refugee Travel Document (Form I-131) to travel abroad and return to the United States. This document allows them to travel without obtaining a visa from the country they’re visiting. The application process is typically handled through USCIS.

  1. Parole in Place (PIP):

Certain family members of U.S. military personnel, veterans, or individuals in the process of adjusting their status may be eligible for parole in place, which allows them to remain in the United States temporarily. This could facilitate their ability to travel domestically without triggering unlawful presence bars. Eligibility criteria and application procedures can vary.

  1. Other Travel Permits:

Depending on individual circumstances, there may be other types of travel permits or waivers available. Consulting with us to schedule your free case evaluation today!

Notes from the Attorney on Travel Permit

By understanding the requirements and seeking appropriate assistance, eligible individuals can obtain a travel permit in the United States without fearing deportation. There are many options available for you to explore but it is always best to ensure which one fits your case and situation.

Travel Permit

One of our successful clients proudly holding her travel permit, made
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Know that it’s always best to check your options right away with the help of a qualified U.S. immigration lawyer. If you believe you may qualify for any of the mentioned options above, call our office at 630 504-0648 or book an appointment by clicking here today!

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