The Biden Administration’s Parole in Place: 7 Critical Steps for Success

With the exciting announcement of the Biden Administration’s Parole in Place (PIP) program for spouses and children of U.S. citizens, it’s important to be ready to file your application as soon as possible. This guide will help you understand the essential steps to prepare for the Parole in Place program.

While detailed instructions on filing procedures, required documents, fees, and other specifics are yet to be released, here are some steps you can take now to prepare for Parole in Place.

1.    Consult with a reputable attorney

Parole in Place

Ensure you qualify for the Parole in Place program by consulting with a trustworthy immigration lawyer who can review your case, confirm your eligibility, and begin preparations for filing once the full application instructions are available. Call us now-spots are filling up and the sooner we talk to you, the sooner we can have everything ready when this proposal goes live!

2.    Avoid notaries or dubious attorneys who may exploit your eagerness

The Parole in Place proposal is not available yet. If anyone tells you they can file right now, that is NOT true! Wait until the official announcement about when you can file and call us ASAP to get accurate information.

3.    Gather and organize your biographical documents

Collect essential documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, passports, and other IDs. Ensure foreign documents are translated to prevent delays in your Parole in Place application.

4.    Gather documents to prove U.S. presence for the past ten years

This includes bills, tax records, pay stubs, bank statements, medical and school records, and other documents with your name and date. Letters from family and friends are less helpful but can be used as well.

5.    Obtain certified dispositions for any arrests

You’ll need to demonstrate good moral character and show that any criminal matters were resolved. Immigration authorities require certified dispositions to review the seriousness of any offenses.

6.    Don’t get arrested

Avoid getting arrested between now and when we can file! Better yet, don’t get arrested EVER. This is crucial for your Parole in Place application.

7.    Save your money

USCIS will charge a filing fee, and you’ll need funds for attorney fees. Be cautious of anyone asking for payment now, as the full details of the Parole in Place program are not yet released.

Need Assistance with Your Parole in Place Case? Contact Your Immigration Lawyer ASAP!

If you have a consular processing case pending, contact us so you do not lose that opportunity while you wait for this proposal to go into effect! Let us assist you with your Parole in Place case by calling 630 504-0648 or booking an appointment through this link.

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