Conditions for Submitting a USCIS Request to Expedite A Process

When requesting USCIS to expedite your process, it is important to provide compelling evidence to support your request. While the specific evidence required may vary depending on the circumstances of your case, here are some types of evidence that can help in demonstrating the need for expedited processing:

Documentation of Urgency

Provide documents that establish the urgent nature of your situation. This could include medical records, doctor’s letters, or other evidence showing severe illness or medical treatment required for you or a family member.

Proof of Financial Hardship

If you can demonstrate that delays in processing your case will result in significant financial hardship, provide supporting evidence such as bank statements, tax returns, or proof of unemployment.

Humanitarian Reasons

If your circumstances involve humanitarian concerns, provide documentation to support your claim. This could include evidence of family separation, extreme personal hardship, or compelling factors related to your safety or security.

Public Interest

In some cases, you may be able to demonstrate that the expedited processing of your case is in the public interest. This could include evidence of your involvement in activities that benefit the community or country.

USCIS Error or Administrative Delay

If you can show that USCIS has made a mistake or there has been an unreasonable delay due to their administrative processes, provide any relevant correspondence or documentation to support your claim.

Detailed Cover Letter

It is crucial to include a well-written and detailed cover letter explaining your situation and why expedited processing is necessary. Clearly outline the specific evidence you are submitting and how it supports your request for faster processing.

What You Should Know When Requesting to Expedite a Process

Remember that the decision to expedite a case is at the discretion of USCIS, and they will consider each request on a case-by-case basis. Providing strong and compelling evidence can significantly increase your chances of having your request approved.

It is always best to seek proper legal advice before proceeding with any immigration application here in the U.S. Navigating through the USCIS system is challenging and this is where an Immigration Lawyer can tremendously help. Consulting with a lawyer helps you determine whether your case qualifies for an immigrant visa or any other immigration options. It will also be easier for you to file documents and it also increases your chances of getting a positive result.

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