Human Trafficking Survivor: Rubina’s Inspiring Journey to Freedom with T Visa Approval

The T visa is a vital legal remedy for survivors of human trafficking, offering protection and pathways to justice for those who have been trafficked into the United States. Designed to provide relief to victims of severe forms of trafficking, the T visa allows survivors like Rubina to rebuild their lives, free from fear and coercion.

Rubina’s Qualification for a T Visa

Human Trafficking

Rubina is a client of ours whose life has been changed with the approval of a T visa. In her own words; “I had lost all hope of ever living a decent life. I felt small and unheard. I couldn’t find a way out. This lawyer saved my life and I am so grateful every day for the gift she gave me”.  We asked Rubina to tell us about her experience so others can learn from it and be inspired by her courage. Rubina’s name has been changed because she wants to protect her privacy. Her case exemplifies the harrowing realities faced by survivors of human trafficking. Through careful evaluation, it becomes clear why her situation meets the criteria for a T visa.

Human Trafficking by Intimate Partner

Rubina was trafficked by her husband, who exploited her vulnerability and coerced her into labor and servitude. Rubina was forced to work in various jobs, surrendering her earnings to her husband and enduring physical and emotional abuse.

Rubina’s husband confiscated her passport, leaving her unable to leave or seek help. He also threatened to take her children away if she tried to escape or speak out against him. Rubina lived in a small house with her overbearing in-laws, who treated her like a servant and not a wife. She had to cook and clean for every member in that house. Sometimes, her mother-in-law would wake her up just so she could fetch her a glass of water. She wasn’t allowed to speak to her own family or friends and couldn’t leave the house without someone accompanying her.

Evaluating for a T Visa

When Rubina came to our office, we offered a free case evaluation and quickly realized she was eligible for a T visa. We immediately started work on her case that day. We scheduled a detailed call with her and obtained confidential details about everything she had endured. When assessing eligibility for a T visa, it’s crucial to consider the following factors.

Factors to Consider in Assessing T Visa Eligibility

  1. Proof of Human Trafficking

Oftentimes, it is impossible to provide documentation of trafficking, coercion, and exploitation is essential. This often prevents people from coming forward. But you do not need to be afraid. The most valuable piece of evidence we use is your written testimony. If you have witness statements, medical records, financial records, and other forms of evidence, we will include them. However, if you don’t, that should not stop you from pursuing a T visa!

  1. Substantial Presence Requirement

Survivors must demonstrate that they have been physically present in the United States due to human trafficking and are willing to assist law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting human trafficking crimes.

  1. Fear of Retaliation

Survivors may fear retaliation or harm if they cooperate with law enforcement. Providing evidence of this fear and demonstrating a willingness to assist in investigations can strengthen their case. Again, know that your security is tantamount and we would never do anything that would compromise that. The process is confidential and you will be protected by us throughout!

  1. Additional Forms of Relief

Survivors may also be eligible for other forms of relief, such as VAWA, asylum, or the U visa, depending on their individual circumstances. The great news is, we can apply for every single form of relief at the same time, if needed.

Rubina’s Road to Justice

With our support and advocacy, Rubina was able to break free from her abuser and pursue justice through the T visa process. Her courage and resilience serve as a beacon of hope for survivors everywhere, reminding us of the importance of compassion, advocacy, and empowerment in the fight against human trafficking.

Rubina’s story underscores the critical importance of the T visa in providing protection and pathways to justice for survivors of human trafficking. As we continue to shine a light on the dark realities of human trafficking and exploitation, let us stand in solidarity with survivors like Rubina, offering support, empathy, and opportunities for healing and redemption. For a deeper understanding of the T visa and to learn if you or someone you know might be eligible, check out our comprehensive guide How to Know if You’re Eligible for T Visa. Together, we can build a future where no one lives in fear of exploitation, and all survivors find the freedom and justice they deserve.

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