Johnny vs. Amber: Why do men find it difficult to report abuse?

Abuse is defined as any situation in which a person treats another with cruelty and/or violence. The abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, psychological, or financial.

It is a popular belief that only women can be abused by a man, due to the difference in strength or size between men and women, but that is false. Like women, men can and are victims of abuse by a member of their family, such as their children or spouse.

In the migrant community, the abuser can take advantage of the immigration status of the abused to maintain the situation of abuse and take advantage of his victim. An abusive person may restrict the freedom of his partner, insult, blackmail, or defame to harm his victim.

Unfortunately, men refuse to report domestic abuse due to social and cultural aspects that make them feel ashamed of the abuse they suffer. However, under the VAWA Act, men have legal backing that guarantees that their complaints will be heard, and their rights respected.

Recently, a very notorious case of abuse is the one that occurred between the actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard. In this case, Ms. Heard initially accused Mr. Deep of domestic violence, but Mr. Deep proceeded with a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife.

A 7-member jury sided with Mr. Deep and found Ms. Heard guilty of defamation. This trial left a precedent in favor of men who have been victims of abuse by their partners.

Fortunately, more men report the abuse they suffer and obtain justice for their cases every day. The men who denounce obtain multiple legal benefits.

Attorney Farrah Qazi has extensive experience helping migrant victims of domestic violence. Through these processes, she has helped them improve their immigration status and obtain justice.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should not remain silent, report it and obtain justice for your case.

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