Successful VAWA Process: Jose’s Inspiring Journey to Legal Status and a Brighter Future

Jose found himself in a challenging situation. He was living in the United States as an undocumented immigrant, facing abuse from his US citizen child. His child refused to help him with his papers and often threatened to call immigration on him. Once, when they argued, he called the police to scare his father and told him, “You can’t do anything to me because you don’t have any papers.” His adult child takes all of his money and often steals from Jose. Jose lives in fear of his own child.

Feeling trapped and hopeless, Jose believed he had no recourse until he stumbled upon a video of our lawyer talking about the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA process. This law, though often associated with protecting abused women, also extends protections to men like Jose who suffer abuse from US citizen family members. Jose was shocked to learn this and called the firm immediately. During the free case evaluation, he learned how he could qualify for this option.

Understanding the VAWA Process

VAWA allows certain victims of domestic violence including spouses, children, and parents of US citizens or lawful permanent residents, to petition for legal status independently of their abuser. Jose, having endured abuse from his US citizen child, qualified for protection under VAWA.

Taking the First Step:

Jose took the brave step of reaching out to our firm after seeing a video on Facebook discussing the VAWA process posted by one of our social media team members. Despite initial doubts and misconceptions about VAWA being exclusively for women, Jose was pleasantly surprised to learn that he qualified for this form of relief.

Compassionate Legal Assistance:

When Jose contacted our firm, he was met with a team of compassionate staff who listened to his story without judgment. They quickly assessed his eligibility for VAWA and filed the necessary paperwork to initiate the process.

The Wait for Relief:

VAWA Process

Like many immigration processes, the VAWA process can seem daunting. But in Jose’s case, he was able to wait for his results after getting his work permit after eight-months! This granted him the ability to legally work in the United States while his VAWA petition was pending.

Achieving Legal Status:

Finally, after a few more months of anticipation, Jose received the news he had been waiting for – his VAWA petition was approved, paving the way for him to obtain lawful permanent resident status, also known as a green card. With his green card in hand, Jose could live and work in the United States without fear of deportation and continue building a brighter future for himself.


Jose’s journey through the VAWA process serves as a testament to the power of seeking help and taking action in the face of adversity. Despite initial doubts and misconceptions, Jose found relief and protection under VAWA, thanks to the compassionate assistance of our firm. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse and is in need of legal assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. With the right support, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

For more insights on the VAWA process, particularly for parents abused by their adult children, check out our previous blog on the I-360 Petition for Abused Parents. This blog provides detailed information on how parents of US citizens can seek legal protection and the steps involved in filing the I-360 petition.

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