Learn More About Our Pre-Paid Consultations

Our pre-paid consultation is fair and very inclusive.

I understand that you may have concerns about booking a consultation with a lawyer and possibly wasting your money and time. But let me tell you, that won’t happen with me.

During your pre-paid consultation, I will help you understand your case, provide you with options, and even walk you through the strategy you can take in order to win your case or simply achieve your goal whether it’s a visa, work permit, etc. I do this with no expectation that you will retain my services. I simply want to educate you on your best options.

I also explain your rights and provide services in filing for your ITIN, drivers license, TVDL (drivers license for immigrants), Powers of Attorney, Guardianship of Minors and Wills.

All of this will be discussed in your initial consultation!

Want more? If you are ready to get started on the day of your consultation, so are we! We will have all forms ready for you to sign and I can start working on your case the very same day.

Regardless of what you decide, you will leave energized, empowered, and ready for the next steps in your immigration journey!

Our Legal Fees

I am here to help our clients become documented and access rights that all human beings deserve in the United States. This is why our firm offers fair and inclusive representation and legal fees.

There are no hidden fees in our services. In our immigration firm, it is easy to see and manage your expectations when it comes to retainers and legal fees. Upon initial consultation, you will immediately receive a quotation of how much your whole case would cost.

We also offer flexible payment terms to help everyone become documented without waiting any longer. To know more, you may call our offices and even avail a free case evaluation from one of our legal phone attendants!