Incredible VAWA Immigration Success: A Story of Hope and Legal Victory

When someone tells you your dreams are impossible, don’t believe them!

For 20 years, this client was told she had no chance of getting her legal papers. She was told “NO” more times than she can count. If anyone deserves their green card, she does!!!

VAWA Immigration Success

This client is such a ray of sunshine, hope, and kindness. What a wonderful honor to present her with her legal papers today! Look at that smile!!

These are all possible through the help of VAWA, leading to this incredible VAWA immigration success!!!

How do you qualify even with an illegal entry and a deportation?


If you are married, separated, or divorced from a US citizen or resident or have a child 21 years and up and a citizen and have experienced serious problems in those relationships, you might qualify for VAWA and get all your papers here inside the country.

2. U Visa

If you have been the victim of a crime and have filed a police report, let’s talk about a U visa option for you. 

3. T Visa

If you are abused at the border with coyotes, forced to work without pay in any circumstances, taken advantage of in your employment or even in a romantic relationship, you may qualify for a T visa.

All of these are remedies for an undocumented person with illegal entry, deportation, and any number of issues in the past. There is STILL hope.

So how can you be the next VAWA immigration success story?

Your first step is to call our office for a free case evaluation.

After you speak to our highly trained staff, you can set a special appointment with Atty. Farrah herself, in which your options will be immediately selected for you. We can’t wait to see how your life is about to change! Call us at 630 504-0648 if you want a more comprehensive view of our services.

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